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Introducing: Caring Creatives LLC

As early as I can remember, I had the desire to create. Self-expression took many forms throughout my childhood and adolescence. It was singing silly songs while I sat on the swing set. It was throwing on scarves and sunglasses until I was satisfied and ready to walk the runway in my living room. It was writing my very first song at the age of thirteen- a song about a relationship I had not experienced, yet was able to vividly imagine. Reminiscing on these memories is bittersweet. They are concrete reminders of the natural expressiveness and curiosity I had as a child, however they also remind me that sometimes the seasons of life don't allow for such luxuries.

Fast forward: 1X 

My college years were filled with music, community, creating, and priceless life experiences. My sophomore year was when I decided to major in Music Therapy, and that was when my passions for music, creativity, and self-expression deepened. My first practicum experience was a critically developmental time. I knew I liked how my original music was perceived when I was performing, however music therapy was different. My first experience was working with nuns in a convent.

I was terrified but quickly realized a few things:

1. Music is a universal language. 2. It's okay to make mistakes. 3. My heart is 100% in this. 

Fast, fast forward: 2X

More practicums. Five in total. Then I embarked on a journey that changed my perspective on life. I completed my Music Therapy Internship in hospice care. I learned the most about life when I was surrounded by death. I learned about fear, regret, grief, but also living, love, and fulfillment.  I believe the most important thing I learned from my experience in hospice care was this: your life is what you make of it.

I know... seems so simple doesn't it? Sometimes it is. 

Fast, fast, fast forward: 3X

In 2020, I began working at a long term nursing and rehabilitation center as a "Life Enrichment Director." It was the peak of COVID-19 and the restrictions decreased everyone's quality of life significantly. Residents were separated from family, isolated to their rooms, and seriously bored. "Enriching lives" during this time seemed impossible, however I made it my mission and went into work with a smile on my face every day. It was the least I could do. I had already fallen in love with helping others through music, arts, and self-expression but this job really solidified that. 

My next journey has allowed me to establish the focus of my life's work.

In 2021, I began working as a full-time music therapist with a focus in mental health and addiction. Although my previous work required counseling skills and empathy, this is when I began providing professional mental health services. This is also where I realized how vital creativity and self-expression are for the mind, body and soul. 

The Present:

My approach to music therapy is humanistic and I strive to provide unconditional positive regard to all of my clients. I encourage my clients to reach deep within themselves, practice self-forgiveness, and challenge them to try new forms of self-expression. Self-expression is a vital part of the healing process, often leading to catharsis, known as the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.  

Expressive therapies and creative arts provide alternative therapeutic interventions to traditional talk therapies that provide a unique and safe space for processing complex feelings. 

Caring Creatives LLC
Life is full of hardships and seeking help from a professional can be challenging.

Caring Creatives LLC is concerned with providing accessible mental health and addictions services to all.

We care about your well-being and would love the opportunity to provide you with mental health and addictions services that honor all of the things that make 

There is no voice that deserves to go unheard and no face that deserves to go unseen.

It is necessary that you exist and it is necessary that you create. 

Thank you for reading My Story. The accumulation of these experiences inspired me to create this company to provide mental health and addictions services through expressive therapies and creative arts. If you are interested in learning more, please explore the main menu. 

Image by Jonne
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